Breastfeeding Support

Start Your Breastfeeding Relationship Off with Expert Guidance

I have been a Doula since 1993, and I have continued my DONA doula certification since that time. I have kept my nursing license and became a Lamaze Childbirth Certified Educator (LCCE) . I have also maintained my RNC Inpatient OB certification, became a Dancing For Birth Instructor and Peanut Ball Certified Trainer.

I will be your Lactation Educator and Counselor. For years I have been providing my clients with education and preparation through my online Understanding Breastfeeding Class and private, in-home classes. I also offer one-on-one breastfeeding consultations for new parents after baby arrives to promote healthy bonding and breastfeeding success.

As your birth doula, I will assist you with breastfeeding immediately following delivery and during the Golden Hour and recovery period. I will answer any concerns or questions you have about breastfeeding, such as establishing a supply, how often your baby needs to feed, and pumping & breastmilk storage.

Professional suggestions or referrals will be provided based on your unique breastfeeding relationship and a personalized care plan will be created for your specific needs. I will follow up via phone within 48 hours to answer any follow up questions.  For more information and pricing, please visit the Childbirth Education page.