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Your baby depends on you to be healthy, well-nourished, and well-supported through pregnancy, birth & beyond. This symbiotic relationship is overwhelming for most and navigating the many birth options, care providers, and parenting philosophies can be daunting.

Imagine now a professional and compassionate doula with the sole goal of helping you thrive in pregnancy & parenthood. Through education, empowerment, and community engagement, I am here for you.

With Doula for Birth by your side, you can expect unconditional support from a Tulsa’s pregnancy and postpartum expert.

About Me


My name is Amy Emerson, and I have been fascinated by everything babies and birth since my teens. That fascination led me to the University of Oklahoma College of Nursing, where I graduated in 1990. I worked in NICU at The Children’s Hospital  during my nursing school days and when the opportunity to work in Labor and Delivery arose upon my graduation, I jumped at the chance and began working in Norman, OK. After two years, I moved to Tulsa, very pregnant with our first baby, and began working 6 weeks after an unexpected cesarean delivery. I was sure I would not be the one in four statistic that needed a c-section for birth. I was determined from the recovery room to do everything I could to VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) my next baby.

Two years and one month later, I was able to successfully VBAC my daughter after two days of induced labor. I hired my first doula and my nurse was also a trained doula. I was more convinced than ever that doula training was something I wanted to add to my nursing skills. I attended my first doula training in 1993 and became certified a few years later. I was able to utilize my doula skills as a nurse and later as an independent doula, assisting hundreds of mothers during birth.

I continued my DONA doula certification and went on to have 8 VBAC births myself, with our last one born at home. I consider it a privilege and honor to attend births and share in that moment when a new family member comes into the world. I continue to seek and learn new information and certifications to improve my skills as a doula. I look forward to being a doula for many years to come and would be honored to assist in your birth.



Amy Emerson

Doula for Birth 



Birth Services

The birth of your baby will be unlike any other day of your life. With Doula for Birth you with have access to unparalleled support at every turn.

Postpartum Care

Combine the practicality of hands-on guidance and the luxury of postpartum pampering to fully enjoy and recover during the 4th Trimester.